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We are not bankers

We are business people and loans are our business. There's no need to feel guilty about asking us for a loan. We only make money when we say yes, so saying yes is what we love doing.

Talk to the decision maker

You deal with Fico HQ and talk directly to the person who will make the final decision on your loan. There is no red tape or unnecessary delays while people pass on your application (and their responsibility to authorise your loan). This novel approach works and everyone loves this banker free approach to asking for a loan.

Approval within 24 hours

In 99% of cases people know whether their loan has been approved within 24 hours. When we have to complete a site visit (for commercial loans) or there is another requirement that will take time to organise, we will do everything to speed up the process and then get an answer to you as quickly as humanly possible. We know no one likes to be waiting around for a bunch of bankers to make up their minds. 

Testimonials & Case Studies

Our clients define our success and we think our testimonials speak for themselves.

broker-friendly and always accessible
Wellington client required funds to repay a $100,000 short term loan to a family member, and required a further $260,000 to complete a subdivision which would be valued at around $1,000,000 on completion. Fico Finance approved a 12-month facility and issued a conditional Letter of Offer within 48 hours. Fico Finance visited the client as part of the offer conditions to meet and discuss the project with the client, leading clients broker Pete Jury to comment that “it's refreshing to deal with a financier that understands property projects and can provide insightful observations and options that add value and avoid delays."
Pete Jury
Financial Alternatives Limited

the opportunity to be entrepreneurial in the business sector.
My U.S. business partner and I have been importing from the U.S to NZ. We are enjoying our relationship with the Fico finance team as they continue to help fund us in our ventures. It's great working with a finance company that gives those, like us (who don't tick the normal boxes of the banking institutions here in NZ) the opportunity to be entrepreneurial in the business sector. Interest rates may be higher but it enables us to think bigger and enlarges the opportunities we have now and in the future. A big thank you to Fico Finance for your support.
Brent Liebezeit

responsive, efficient and friendly.
Borrower required a bridging facility to stablise their financial position following a business failure and period of reduced earnings. Fico approved a 12-mth facility secured against a single residential property, to enable debt consolidation and working capital release, prior to re-bank at end of term. Client advisor Bill Slater from Wellington based Gateway Finance Brokers commented “...As usual Fico Finance were responsive to my proposal and issued a Letter of Offer very quickly. After visiting the clients in Wellington, documents were prepared in quick time and funds paid out enabling my client to get moving.”
Bill Slater
Gateway Finance Brokers