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Some 'not so' new ideas

We are not bankers

First and foremost we are business people and loans are our business. There’s no need to feel bad or guilty about asking us for a loan. This is what we do, all day everyday and we only make money when we say yes, so saying yes is what we love doing.

We also pride ourselves on listening when you talk to us. We know this isn’t an original idea, but it seems fairly novel when it comes to discussing Business Loans.

Talk to the decision maker

You deal with Fico HQ and talk directly to the person who will make the final decision on your loan. Another one of our ‘not so new’ ideas. This means there is no red tape or unnecessary delays while people pass on your application (and their responsibility to authorise your loan).

This novel approach really works and everyone loves this banker free approach to asking for a loan. If you’ve never experienced it for yourself you might want to give it a try.

Approval within 24 hours

What a difference a day can make, and in 99% of cases people know whether their loan has been approved within 24 hours.

When we have to complete a site visit or there is another requirement that will take time to organise, we will do everything to speed up the process and then get an answer to you as quickly as humanly possible.

We know no one likes to be waiting around for a bunch of bankers to make up their minds. So if you’re keen for a banker free Business Loan contact us today.

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