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101 basic facts

Property Loans 101

Nothing here but the basic facts

Welcome to the business end of a property loan with Fico. This sections covers all the easy stuff and should help answer any initial questions you may have. 

Let's get one thing straight right from the beginning, property and development loans are our business and, like you, we are business people (not bankers), so we only make money when we say yes, and that is why we love saying yes - it just makes good business for everyone concerned.

We only offer property and development loans between $50,000 and $1,500,000 and our current interest rate is from 9.95%.

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Property Loan FAQs (click on the questions for your answer)

What is the difference between Fico Finance and a traditional bank?
How much can I borrow?
Why do you need to understand my business?
What can I get a loan for?
Are there any mandatory requirements?

The loans

Your actual loan

The business of banker free borrowing explained

We have tried to make getting a business loan from Fico as easy as possible - it's as simple as 1, 2 and then 3.

From 1) understanding what sort of loans we have, to 2) our 'easy to follow' paperwork and application (not an interrogation) process, right through to 3) having your loan funds available within 24 hours.

We believe this is the best way to get a business loan. 1) Fast, 2) Easy, and 3) Banker Free.

Repayment FAQ's (click on the questions for your answer)

Does Fico offer bridging finance or short term loans for business?
What are the current interest rates?
What sort of security does the business need?
How much paperwork is involved?
Are there any hidden costs or fees?
Can we repay our loan early?
What happens when our loan is approved?

The Repayments

All the information, as painless as possible

Repayments of all Fico business loans are done by Direct Debit (DD).

This is arranged before you sign the official loan document. Because DD's are regularly scheduled and automatically performed by your bank you have no headaches about trying to remember dates, amounts, or when they're due.

Repayment FAQ's (click on the questions for your answer)

How do we make repayments?
How long do we have to repay our loan?
How often do we make repayments?
How do we find out how much we owe on our loan?

Protection for your business

In a non threatening way

Fico is a responsible lender so we need to be confident you can afford the loan repayments before we approve anything.

But we also know the only constant in business is change (and definitely taxes), so when things do change it's best to know what options you have.

Loan Protection FAQ's (click on the questions for your answer)

What happens when our business situation or circumstances change?
What happens if we have a concern or a complaint?